Warning: this is not without danger, better do not do this!
But, if you DO wish to risk your life, be sure to discharge the capacitor before even thinking about touching anything inside the oven! The capacitor can contain enough charge to kill a person!

The opened-up microwave oven hooked up to a waveguide (which ends in the copper horn). The cover on top of the oven provides my protection against any waves which could go astray.

On the left another waveguide (round) which also works, just slightly less well.

A look straight in to the waveguide. On the foreground a `sensor' (very crude) I made, consisting of a few windings of thick copper wire forming an electrical circuit. That electrical circuit is closed by a neon lamp which glows if enough radiation passes through.

Me (sleepy), operating the microwave. Note the glowing lamp on top of the `sensor'.

Again a glowing light bulb indicating that micro waves are passing through.

This is a potential-indicating screw driver (or whatever they're called), which also happily starts to glow when aimed at with the microwave canon.

Some dimensions for those who have hints to improve the output characteristics.

December 17, 2004.